The commissioning process provides the best opportunity for the Owner to construct their building and building systems in a manner that minimizes changes, minimizes first costs, minimizes delays, and minimizes operating costs - resulting in significant value to the Owner.

Gipe Associates, Inc. can provide you with commissioning services to assist in controlling project cost and improving building performance. With over 30 years of experience in the design of HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, Gipe Associates has the expertise to meet your commissioning needs. We understand how systems should be designed, documented, installed and operated. Best results are achieved in a project utilizing an independent certified commissioning authority under direct contract to the Owner. This brings objectivity and practical experience to the project in providing a consistent level of assurance that the Owner's best interests will be served. We can assist in obtaining retro-commissioning rebates (RCx) currently offered by BGE.

Existing buildings often experience degraded system performance due to a number of factors, including: improperly calibrated or out of calibration systems, older equipment, modifications to systems, proper system operation was not originally verified, building needs have changed or adequate maintenance/operations documentation was never provided. This degraded system performance can result in frequent complaints regarding building comfort, frequent maintenance calls, increased energy use, and frequent system outages. All of these symptoms can have significant impact on the cost necessary to operate the building. Re-tuning can help alleviate these symptoms and provide many of the same benefits as commissioning of new buildings.


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