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Have you ever been in a cavern? The temperature inside is cooler than the temperature outside in the summer and warmer than the temperature outside in the winter. Similarly, the temperature under the surface of the earth is warmer than the air in the winter and cooler than the air in the summer months.

Geothermal or Ground Source Energy Systems take advantage of the natural constant temperature of the earth to heat during the heating season and cool during the summer months utilizing a heat pump unit, a fluid heat exchanger, and an air delivery system. Simply put, a geothermal system during the heating season takes heat from the earth, transfers it to a refrigerant and distributes the heat into a building with a forced-air or hydronic system. For cooling, the systems takes heat from the building, transfers the heat to the refrigerant, and then transfers the heat back to the water or loop fluid. While this is similar to a standard air conditioner, the geothermal system uses water or loop fluid at an average temperature rather than changeable outdoor temperatures.

We have in-depth experience with ground source heating and cooling systems having designed over 100 geothermal systems which are installed and operational. As leaders in the field of geothermal system design in Maryland, we have developed an approach that results in efficient to operate and simple to maintain.

• More energy efficient
• Lower operating costs
• Lower maintenance costs
• Environmentally friendly



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