Our engineers have strong experience with DOD and federal government projects. They are familiar with the unique aspects of Indefinite Quantity/Indefinite Delivery and Design/Build projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Navy at a variety of facilities, and for the Pentagon. Representative experience includes:

APG C41SR Electrical Infrastructure -PKG B Boothby Feeder
APG C41SR Electrical Infrastructure -PKG Tie Loop
APG C41SR Electrical Infrastructure PKG A Substation
Defense Intelligence Agency Upgrade UPS/HVAC
Indian Head NSWC-Repl 480Volt Switchgear
Restore & Modernize Center Lean To, Hanger 101, NAS Patuxent River
Naval Academy Laundry Building Renovation - Design/Build
Naval Academy Repair High Temperature Hot Water Generator, #1 CHP
Anacostia Ceremonial Facility, Bldg. A47- Phased Renovation
Andrews AFB Backflow Preventers
Andrews AFB #1539 D/B HVAC Study
APG Building 520 Renovation - D/B
APG Storage Munitions Facility
APG Storage Munitions Fire Alarm System
Ft. Meade Rosies Field Lighting
Indian Head Design/ Build NSWC Firehouse Bldg.#878
Pentagon - U.S. National Park Jenkins Cannery
Pentagon IDC - Renovation of ADP Room BG849
Pentagon OSD Swing Space 5th Floor- Design/ Build
Pentagon Site 3 Communications Center- Design/Build
Pentagon Site D Design/Build
Pentagon Standpipes- Design/Build
Site R - Pentagon
Naval Research Lab IDIQ Contracts
NRL HVAC for Room 1030, Building 216
NRL Repair Safety Deficiencies, Building 208
NRL Repair Safety Deficiency in Buildings 1 & 2
NRL Survey and Analyze HVAC Building 71
NRL-Provide Electronic Controls for existing air handling unit, building A-59
Provide Fire Protection for EMI Chamber, Building A-59, NRL
Replace AC System, Building 71, NRL
Telephone Ductbanks, NRL
Building 209, NRL
Building 250 High Voltage Feeders, NRL
Building 43, NRL
Clean Rooms 7 & 8 , Building 250, NRL
Cooling & Power, Room 108, Building 97, NRL
Install Elevator, Building A-59, NRL
Install Fume Hood, Building 42, NRL
Naval Academy Traffic Circle
RIP Miller Field Improvements, U.S. Naval Academy
US Naval Academy King Hall Rehab/Repair
US Naval Academy Metzger Hall Design/Build


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