Gipe Associates has always used design strategies to achieve 30% or more energy savings towards net zero energy buildings. ASHRAE has published the “Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 School Buildings – Achieving 30% Energy Savings Toward a Net Zero Energy Building”, putting us ahead of the curve. We design to LEED even if the job is not a candidate for certification. When we do simple equipment replacement projects we always enhance the energy efficiency of the product we are replacing. If it’s a chiller we specify a higher efficiency compressor/refrigeration system, if it’s an air handling unit we use premium efficiency motors versus high efficiency, etc. We always look at upgrading the controls to DDC (Direct Digital Controls) with energy conserving strategies/sequences of operation like demand controlled ventilation, economizer cycles, and various types of resets etc. to enhance the performance of the high efficiency equipment/system. We employ 9 individuals who are LEED Accredited Professionals familiar with all aspects of sustainable design. Our experience encompasses the following:

  • heat recovery devices
  • variable speed drives
  • high efficiency motors
  • energy efficient lighting
  • geothermal heat exchange
  • solar energy
  • waste heat (urban waste)
  • gas cooling
  • direct digital controls
  • alternative fuel sources
  • building envelope analysis
  • metering systems
  • equipment operating strategies



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