Gipe Associates, Inc. is in the business of designing High Performance Building Systems. We understand how important energy consumption and conservation is to our clients. Since we “can’t invent water” as one of our engineers stated, we have a responsibility to conserve the world’s natural resources. Our office has been designing geothermal, solar and wind energy systems for a decade. These systems are often categorized as being derived from inexhaustible natural resources. Why not heat and cool your building using “free” energy provided by the earth?

Using engineering fundamentals combined with new and innovative techniques we are able to create custom solutions for our clients so that they can sustain comfortable, functional, and maintainable buildings. Face it, we enjoy engineering because we have the opportunity to enhance the spaces that our building occupants use and to make them as energy efficient as possible. We are excited to design hybrid solutions to optimize energy efficiency and conservation.

With 45 professional and technical people working together with owners and clients we are fully staffed and have ample personnel for any size project. We are committed to bringing all projects to a successful conclusion and have built a list of long-term client relationships. Gipe Associates, Inc. was established in 1977. We have offices in Towson and Easton, Maryland.


We're committed to providing the highest quality engineering. Put us to the test and see how we can help you.